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Crying boys are awkward... (chapter 4)

   Mikey begged Frank to stay for the night; it was Saturday tomorrow so his mom agreed when Frank phoned. Gerard had gone back to talk to Ryan.


[*GeeTard <3’s Ryan says:*][/Hey baby, wat u up 2?/]

[*Ryaaaazzaaa loves Gerard says:*][/thinking bout getting off with u :D/]

[*GeeTard <3’s Ryan says:*][/:O PERV!/]

[*Ryaaaazzaaa loves Gerard says:*][/I’m aloud to perv u up bitch/]

[*GeeTard <3’s Ryan says:*][/oh really?/]

[*Ryaaaazzaaa loves Gerard says:*][/yeah, u r ma biatch/]


   “Gerard, want to come see a movie? Mikes and I are going to the cinema” Frank whispered, sticking his head into Gee’s room. Gerard jumped and minimized the window.

   “Fucking hell Frank, you scared the crap out of me” he said, blushing, he was nearly caught again.

   “Sorry Gerard, so are you going to come?” Frank asked,

   “Erm… sure, what you going to see?” He asked,

   “Star Trek” Frank grinned,

   “Ok, hold on” He said, and Frank went to sit on Gerard’s bed. Gerard quickly opened the window but Frank saw it before he closed it (Gerard’s computer was full of spy-ware and probably a few viruses so it was pretty slow)

   “Who is Ryaza?” Frank asked suspiciously, “and why does he love you?”

   “He is just a mate Frank” Gerard breathed,

   “Oh really? Then why is he thinking about getting off with you? And WHY DID YOU CALL HIM BABY” Frank said, getting annoyed and upset.

   “It’s a joke we have, it doesn’t mean anything” Gerard replied,

   “Oh, I’ll just ask Mikey then” Frank was about to leave when Gerard jumped on him, pushing him over on the bed,

   “Get off, I’ll just yell for him then, MI…” Gerard stopped him again by kissing him; he slowly put his tongue into Frank’s mouth and stoked it across his. Gerard ran his hands down Frank’s nicely toned body, resting them both on his hips. He curled both his legs around Frank and now had him pinned to the bed. Not that Frank was struggling to get away.

   “Gerard, stop. I know you don’t want this. I do, I want this so much, but not in this way” He sighed, he loved Gerard but Gerard didn’t return that love and he didn’t want him to fake it.

   “Frank, I’m sorry, I’ll stop dragging you along. I don’t know why I do it. I don’t do it to hurt you. Swear, I just… I’m sorry” He rolled off of Frank.

   “It’s OK, I cannot force you to love me, and you love that Ryan kid right?” He asked slowly.

   “I think it’s more of a crush, not technically love” He smiled sadly, Gerard hated seeing Frank upset, and he hate the fact that he was the cause of it. Frank was so cute, shiny hazel eyes, glossy brown hair, and his eyebrows were amazingly shaped… ‘ok that’s weird’ he thought (but seriously they are AMAZING!)

   “Can I ask one thing though Gerard?” He looked up and into Gee’s deep caramel eyes.

   “Hit me” Gerard replied,

   “If I was older, say 15 or 17ish, would you… love me?” Gerard looked shocked, he didn’t see that one coming, he thought for a while, love? Or lust?

   “I honestly don’t know hun, maybe… hopefully. You are a beautiful kid Frankie. I’m sorry that I can’t love you at the moment” He pushed the hair from in front of Frank’s eyes to reveal a few tears forming, “hey, come on, don’t cry, I’m no good with crying people. I get all awkward and just cannot stop talking random stuff to fill the awkward silence that I created in the first place, like in math, it’s ALWAYS awkward in math, everyone is quiet and the work and the whole thing is a horrible experience” He stopped because Frank had begun to laugh, presumably at Gerard’s awkwardness.

   “Don’t laugh at me bitch” Gerard giggled, unable to keep a convincing straight-face.

   “Come on guys hurry up” Mikey shouted up the stairs. Gerard and Frank made their way downstairs, Gerard still giggling and awkward and Frank still turned on and slightly teary.

   “You guys are a mess!” Mikey sighed, pushing them out the door, “come on, the cinema isn’t far away, five minutes at most on foot”

   “we have to WALK?” Frank asked sounding like Mikey had just suggested that they sprint the London marathon.

   “No Frank, we are going to fly, of course we are going to fucking WALK!” He yelled in Frankie’s ear.

   “Language Timothy” Frank said,

   “Timothy?” Mikey asked,

   “It’s an expression” Explained Frank,

   “In what world?”

   “A world that you can only enter when off you head” Gerard suggested.

   “Mmm. That world” Frank laughed. “That special, magical world where you can be with you true love with no obstacles… such as age” Frank said quietly enough for the others not to be able to hear.


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